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Via LaVie

Join Via on her adventures as she tackles mysteries & the challenges of illness, antagonists, adults, & just being plain smarter than everyone else!

Meet Liv & Scott Kyle the father daughter combo who together brought the world of Via to life. Learn about their adventure in writing a book together. 

It Runs in the Family...

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Liv's First Book Signing at Warwick's Bookstore

Liv Wrote a Book!Clint August (101.5 KGB)
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Via LaVie thinks she’s just an average fifth-grader. She has a mom and dad, an irritating older brother and a cat. She has friends (Molly Appleton is her bestie) and an enemy (bossy mean girl, Tailor Madison).  And, she has plenty of worries about going to middle school in the near future.


But Via also has a secret that makes her far from average: she’s an undercover genius who remembers just about everything she sees.


It’s an ability that was encouraged by Via’s beloved grandmother while Via faced one of the biggest challenges in her life.  And while her eidetic memory comes in handy for acing schoolwork, finishing science projects and learning how to say “dork” in foreign languages, Via finds it less than helpful for managing Gran’s mysterious disappearance... or for balancing old friendships with new ones when a special new friend moves onto Via’s street. 


And then everything in Via’s world gets scrambled when a special opportunity puts Via on a collision course with her family, her friends and her enemy.  She’ll need her fantastic memory, all her heart and a little mischief—and face a decision that tests her understanding of what matters most - as she cracks the case of the Friendship Code.

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