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Did you know that Compass the cat was inspired by Liv’s real cat named Compass?  Only Compass is a black cat rather than an all-white cat as described in Via LaVie.


The original idea for Via’s science project was for a sound machine that detected cancer, but the authors decided to go with the medical tape that would not stick instead.

Darkened Science Fair_edited.png

What actors and actresses do you think should play Via?  Kai?  Molly?  Tailor?

Thank you for your thoughts.  Stay tuned for who gets casted for the Via LaVie movie!

The original title for Via LaVie was “Code 54: Genius Wrapped In a Ponytail” but the authors liked the Via LaVie title better given how strong a character Via is.


The inspiration for Via learning Swahili before going to KTs house came from a time when Liv was going to meet a friend for the first time whose family speaks Russian.  She downloaded a language app and learned some phrases so she could speak to the parents in Russian.

Untitled_Artwork 11_edited.png
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